CSI4* Poznań is behind us!

Poznań CSI4 * is one of the most prestigious events taking place in Poland. The high rank of the competition and attractive financial bonuses guarantee the participation in the competition of the best Polish and foreign players. Every day struggle held competitions ranked among the world ranking, and the culmination of sports events was the Sunday Grand Prix. Equestrian competitions are not only the best athletes, dust clouds and the greatest emotions. It is also events for entire families, where from an early age you can instill a passion for horse riding.

The organizers also took care of a number of attractions addressed to the general public, including horse riding shows, or a meeting with the Volunteer Representative Division of Uhlans in the City of Poznań. The OVER Horse brand was an official partner of this event.

Participants between the competitions could get acquainted with our novelties and benefit from the experience of our specialists. Among the products, Energy Gel was particularly popular, especially during increased effort as an additional source of energy. We are happy that once again we have been an integral part of such an important event.