IV International Championship in Jumping Silesia Equestrian Jakubowice

On July 4th, the fourth edition of the International Competition in Jumping Silesia Equestrian Jakubowice began. During the July tournament lasting until July 15, Osadkowski riding club Sp. z o.o. riders from all over Poland. During the event, players struggle with an obstacle OVER Horse, and the competition’s audience has the opportunity to visit our dedicated stand with surprises prepared for the occasion.

Our stand is equipped with a range of products necessary for horses in such a demanding period of hot weather and numerous starts. If you want to take care of the right amount of energy during equestrian events, it is worth using Energy Gel Horse – a feed mix that regulates the level of electrolytes and micronutrients lost during increased effort.

The tournament in Jakubowice is not only a competition for professionals, it is also a series of activities and attractions for the public. One of them is the Team Competition in horse-drawn carriage, in which the Horse Team composed of: Stanisław Gosiewski, the President of OVER Horse and Paweł Zdzieborski – the Director of OVER Horse won the first place. Congratulations and we look forward to further reports from Silesia Equestrian.