Another OVER Group Idrys medal!

Despite the high temperature, all competitors presented the highest level of riding, and the organizers took care of the comfort of competitors and visitors. The heat also did not prevent us from achieving our goals – we returned with a medal – our horse OVER Group Idris in a duet with Magdalena Prasek won in the final in the five-year horses’ round, thus obtaining the qualification for the Finale of the Polish Young Horse Championships.

“We are all very pleased with the success of the OVER Horse team and now we are inviting you to Drzonków, where OVER Group Idrys will fight for the Polish Young Horse Champion title, let’s keep our fingers crossed!” – says Paweł Zdzieborski, OVER Horse Department Director.

Thank you to everyone who supported OVER Group Idrys and visited the OVER Horse stand from 16 to 19/07/2015. in Jakubowice.