OVER Group Idrys is the winner of the Nationwide Competition in Jumping by Obstacles of 5-year-old Horses

Over Group Idrys and Magdalena Prasek ranked third in the first day of the competition. On Saturday, however, they won, they took the first place on the podium in the National Championships in Skoki by Obstacles of 5-year-old Horses, obtaining a score of 8.3.

Thus, the team qualified for the Polish Championships of Young Horses and won a point to MPMK.

“We are all very pleased with the huge success of our team in Bobrowy Pond! Victory OVER Group Idrys gives a real chance to start in the Polish Championships of Young Horses in Drzonków. “- says Paweł Zdzieborski, Director of OVER Horse.

Thanks to everyone who cheered on OVER Group Idrys!