Biotin Horse is an effective hoof strengthening supplement. The unique combination of biotin, zinc, copper and methionine improves the quality of the hoof horn and accelerates the rate of growth. Biotin Horse imporves also the quality of the horse’s skin and coat.


BIOTIN Horse is worth including in the diet of horses whose hooves:

  • are poor quality
  • grow too slowly
  • often crack and crumble
  • are not very flexible




How to use: Mix with the feed.

Horses weighing approx. 500 kg: 10g / day.

Foals/ponies: 5g / day.


Form: powder.



Composition: dried beet pulp, molasses (from sugar beets), linseed; biotin 2000 mg; zinc 2000 mg, copper 1000 mg; methionine 8000 mg; Stevia rebaudiana 350 mg; crude protein 11%, crude oils and fats 7%, crude ash 14.1%, crude fiber 9.9%, lysine 0.2%, sodium 0%