CABI Glue is an innovative gel product intended for the care of hooves with problems such as rotting thrush and bacterial and fungal infections on the sole. The effectiveness of CABI Glue results from the use of copper and zinc chelates in combination with organic acids. Thanks to their properties, these ingredients increase the hardness of the hoof ensuring proper elasticity at the same time.


Cabi Glue is a great choice for horses that:

  • struggle with thrush
  • have bacterial and/or fungal infections in the hoof
  • stay on too moist ground
  • have too soft sole





How to use: Using a brush apply a thin layer of Cabi Glue on the clean and dry sole of the hoof, including frog and central sulcus.

hoof’s arrow and the whole sole. Wait until the preparation dries.


Form: gel




lngredients: Aqua, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, copper diammonium complex, zinc diammonium complex, lactic acid, acetic acid