CALCI Cavalo is a product recommended as a supplement to the diet of young horses in the growth and development phase. It helps to minimize the risk of mineral deficiencies such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. CALCI Cavalo contributes to the proper growth of young horses and has a positive effect on bone and connective tissue. Vitamin D3 contained in the product improves the absorption of active ingredients and has a beneficial effect on proper bone mineralization. It also has a positive effect on pregnant mares (better fertility, pregnancy maintenance, lactation).


CALCI Cavallo is recommended as a supplement to the diet of:

  • youngsters in the growth and development phase
  • horses exposed to calcium, phosphorus and magnesium deficiencies
  • sport horses, subjected to intense physical effort
  • senior horses
  • pregnant mares





How to use: Mix with the feed.

Broodmares: 25ml twice a day throughout the pregnancy and lactation and for a month after. In case of hypocalcemia: 200ml just before parturition and again 24 hours after.

Foals: from weaning until the end of the growth process: 5 ml/100 kg of body weight twice a day

Horses weighing approx. 500kg: 25ml / day.


Form: liquid.



Composition: glycerin, propylene glycol, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, anhydrous monosodium phosphate, lactose, soybean oil, sodium salts of citric acid, maltodextrin, glucose-fructose syrup; mixture of flavoring substances; Helianthus annuus; D3 2500 IU, vitamin E 2500 mg, vitamin B1 180 mg, vitamin B2 165 mg, vitamin B6 170 mg, vitamin B12 600 mcg, D-Panthenol 190 mg, D-calcium pantothenate 9.8 g, niacinamide 15000 mg, beta- carotene 6 mg; cobalt 125 mg; silicic acid, precipitated and dried 6 mg; alpha-tocopherol 5.4 mg, ascorbyl palmitate 1.08 mg, tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 67.5 mg; crude protein 2.0%, crude fiber 0.2%, crude oils and fats 0.5%, crude ash 16.39%, sodium 0.11%, calcium 5.7%, magnesium 1.1%, moisture 45 .4%, citric acid 0.0093%