The product, which removes stains from hair, releases the hair from deposits and dirt. Thanks to the delicate cleaning ingredients, it leaves the coat clean and soft. The product does not require rinsing, it is very convenient to use .It is recommended especially for gray horses .It contains hydrogen peroxide. Active ingredients: Lactic acid – a skin moisturizing factor, supports the moisturizing effect of the hair coat, improves the structure of the hair, has mild decoloring properties, and has a bactericidal effect. D-Panthenol – an excellent moisturizing ingredient that gives softness and elasticity, does not irritate, does not sensitize, soothes and anti-inflammatory, smoothes and thickens the hair fiber, gives hair shine, facilitates combing.

Spray the soiled coat with shampoo. Leave the preparation for about 1 minute, then wipe with a clean cloth or sponge, repeat if necessary.