ENERGY Gel is a paste that provides easily digestible energy, regulates the level of electrolytes and trace elements lost during increased physical effort or illness. It is a source of quickly absorbable energy, B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals such as: magnesium, zinc, cobalt and selenium. The addition of L-glutamine stimulates the processes of muscle protein synthesis.. ENERGY Gel increases the body’s ability to perform long-term and accelerates regeneration processes.


ENERGY Gel is recommended supplement for horses exposed to a decrease in form and energy caused by:

  • intense physical effort
  • high temperatures
  • disease
  • long-term stressful situation





How to use: Apply directly into the horse’s mouth or mix with the feed.

Horses weighing approx. 500 kg: 50ml before the training and 50ml after.

Horses during the recovery period after an illness weighing approx. 500 kg: 50ml twice a day.

Ponies: 25ml before the training and 50ml after.


Form: paste.


Ingredients: glycerin, glucose, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride; sorrel (lanceolate sorrel), blueberry, plantain, chicory root; nicotinic acid 3000 mg, vitamin D3 360 I.U., vitamin E 860 mg, vitamin B1 25.92 mg, vitamin B2 23.76 mg, vitamin B6 24.48 mg, vitamin B12 86.4 mcg; copper 12.75 mg, manganese 42.5 mg, zinc 51 mg, iodine 0.68 mg, cobalt 0.085 mg, selenium 4.255 mg; L-glutamine 25 g; sodium propionate 25g, BHT 4.8 mg, BHA 4.8 mg, polyethylene ricinoleate glycol 1400 mg, xanthan gum 12g; crude protein 3.3%, crude fiber 0%, crude oils and fats 0.2%, total ash 4.01%, moisture 48.5%, sodium 0.58%