FLEX Complete effectively nourishes the musculoskeletal system- has a positive effect on its functioning and regeneration processes. The composition includes high concentrations of substances such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and collagen. Each of these ingredients nourishes and protects the musculoskeletal system, reduces stiffness, protects the surface of the joints and improves mobility.


FLEX Complete is recommended for:

  • all horses, as prevention and support of the musculoskeletal system
  • sport horses
  • horses subjected to intense physical effort
  • senior horses
  • horses after joint injuries
  • horses struggling with the stiffness in the movement





How to use: Mix with the feed.

Horses weighing approx. 500 kg: 30ml / day.

Ponies: 15ml / day.


Form: liquid



Composition: glycerin, dextrose, collagen (74.80 g), dimethylsulfone (35 g), glucosamine (30 g), chondroitin sulfate (14.62 g), propylene glycol, sodium chloride, soybean oil, sodium salts of citric acid, salts of lactate acids fatty acids; Helianthus annuus; vitamin A 40,000 IU, vitamin D3 12,100 IU, vitamin E 1,300 mg, vitamin B1 7.2 mg, vitamin B2 6.6 mg, vitamin B6 6.8 mg, vitamin B12 24 mcg, vitamin C 5,000 mg, biotin 20 mg, choline chloride 7500 mg, D-Panthenol 7.6 mg; xanthan gum 5000 mg; tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 2.7 mg; propyl gallate 40 mg; crude protein 4.1%, crude fiber 0.2%, crude oils and fats 0.4%, total ash 3.49%, moisture 65.6%, citric acid 0.0004%