RACING Syrup provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids in an easily assimilable form, in high concentrations and provides a supply of ingredients that increase energy levels. It helps maintain top form and condition- dedicated primarily to sport horses and those whose bodies require special support. RACING Syrup increases the ability of the horse’s body to perform long-term physical effort, supports muscle regeneration after exercise.


RACING Syrup is recommended as a dietary supplement of:

  • sport horses
  • horses subjected to intense physical exertion
  • horses having an increased need for vitamins and minerals
  • horses during the recovery period
  • horses suffering from body weakness




How to use: Mix with the feed.

Horses weighing approx. 500 kg: 50ml / day.

Ponies: 30ml / day.


Form: liquid.



Composition: molasses, lactose; nicotinic acid 99 mg, calcium pantothenate 980 mg, vitamin A 333,300 IU, vitamin D/D3 100,820 IU, vitamin E 10,845.5 mg, vitamin B12 199.2 mcg, vitamin B1 59.76 mg, vitamin B6 56, 44 mg, vitamin B2 54.78 mg, D-Panthenol 63.08 mg, L-ascorbic acid 5,000 mg, vitamin H 20 mg, choline 1,500 mg; copper 75 mg, manganese 250 mg, zinc 300 mg, iodine 4 mg, cobalt 0.5 mg, selenium 0.132 mg; lysine 10,000 mg; methionine 10000 mg, threonine 3000 mg, valine 1000 mg, isoleucine 1000 mg, leucine 200 mg; potassium sorbate 6.32 mg, lactic acid 8.53 mg; BHA 3,146 mg, BHT 2,988 mg; propyl gallate 334.7 mg, polyethylene glycol ricinoleate glyceryl 46.2 mg; mixture of flavoring substances; crude protein 3.62%, crude oils and fats 1.42%, crude fiber 0%, crude ash 5.12%, sodium 0.7%, moisture 32.5%