PECTOSyllium is a product for sanding off horses. It is a source of fiber that forms a gel which catches and binds grains of sand, small pebbles and other impurities, making it easily removed from the digestive tract. PECTOSyllium cleanses the intestines and improves their peristalsis and reduces the risk of colic caused by residual sand in the intestines.


PECTOSyllium is worth using in the diet of horses that:

  • they have access to pastures and paddocks
  • are suffering from digestive problems
  • often have colic
  • are fed contaminated feeds (dusty hay, poorly cleaned oats)



How to use: Mix with the feed. Serve dry,

Horses weighing approx. 500-600kg: 6 days treatment 100g twice a day. Than treatment with PECTOSyllium can be continued every month- 100g / day for 6 days.

Recommended treatment – twice a year.

The product can be used all year. In the case of continuous supplementation the daily dose is 50g for a horse weighing approx. 500 – 600kg


Form: powder.



Composition: plantain seeds, sucrose, wheat bran; crude protein 7.5%, crude fiber 3%, crude ash 3%, crude oils and fats 1%, phosphorus 0.1%, sodium 0%