The Cavaliada Tour series has come to an end

After the competition in Poznań and Lublin, it was time for the final of the cycle in Warsaw. The last of the events took place on 13-16 March at Warsaw’s Torwar. International cast, high-ranking competitions, spectacular shows and many other attractions, including the competition, whose patron was our company. The competition, in the form of a relay for children, supported by experienced riders, was the perfect combination of horse competitions and perfect entertainment.

“It was a great time, so we would like to thank both the organizers of the competition and the guests who visited our stand. In addition, we hope that the Cavaliada tradition will be continued in the following years. So that this type of event will permanently fit into the landscape of horse events in our country. “- sums up Paweł Zdzieborski, director of Over Horse.