FungiseptGel - wspomaga wytwarzanie naturalnej bariery ochronnej skóry, uniemożliwiającej wnikanie i rozwój grzybów i pleśni.



Preparation for equine dermatomycosis

FUNGISEPT is the latest preparation supporting the treatment of dermatomycosis. It contains an extremely effective, patented nanomolecular copper colloid with a growth-reducing effect on various fungi. Its use supports the regeneration of skin and hair growth.
FUNGISEPT is enriched with tea tree oil and bee glue (propolis) which protects lesions against secondary bacterial infections and supports healing processes.
FUNGISEPT does not cause skin irritation, acts like a natural antibiotic, and strengthens the skin’s immune system.
The preparation is safe for young horses. Apply FUNGISEPT by smearing onto the lesion. Repeat 2-3 times/day until complete elimination of symptoms.

Available container: 250 g gel

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