PectoSylium Muesli - produkt wyłapujący i wiążący ziarenka piasku, kamyki i inne zanieczyszczenia w jelitach konia



Supplementary feeding mixture – diet mix for horses compensating chronic colon disorders

Grains of sand and other contaminants enter the horse’s alimentary tract with feed, depending on the specific environmental conditions. Some of the sand is removed with faeces, but some remains in the alimentary tract and accumulates in the intestines. This accumulated sand frequently causes colic.

PECTOSyllium is a source of fibre which forms gel in the intestines that traps and binds sand grains, stones and other contaminants. Sand and stones trapped in the gel are easily removed from the intestines. For colic: administer 100 g of PECTOSyllium 2 x/day for 6 consecutive days. Once a month, administer 100 g of PECTOSyllium 1 x/day for 6 consecutive days.

To reduce the risk of colic: add 50 g of PECTOSyllium/day to feed or seed until elimination of the alimentary tract disorder.
Available container:  1,5 kg

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