Ransept Gel preparat wspomagający naturalny proces odbudowy uszkodzonej tkanki



Wound-healing, stimulating preparation

RANSEPT stimulates the healing of skin defects and the skin’s regeneration. It is effective in the healing of various wounds such as cuts, abrasions and chafes (e.g. abrasions and chafes of the withers).
It contains a patented, nanomolecular silver colloid which reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal growth.

RANSEPT does not cause irritations and allergic reactions. Allantoin reduces the risk of inflammation and stimulates the growth of granulation tissue, thus the preparation is great for lacerations, where healing is possible only via the growth of granulation tissue.
The preparation is safe for young horses. Apply RANSEPT by smearing onto the lesion. Repeat 2-3 times/day until complete elimination of symptoms.

Available container: 250 g gel

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