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Urine Free Horse

Bioenzimatic urine and other organic stains remover
urine Free Horse is a fast-acting, microbial cleaning agent. It removes the urine stains and other odor of urine, faeces, sweat, and any other permanently, Thanks to the natural formula, it is safe and environmentally friendly. Usage:
– trafilers, horseboxes
– stable, tack room
– blankets, saddke pads
Instructon for use: Shake before use. Teskt for colour fastness.
Hard surfaces, matrasses, mastL visible urine remains wipe with a paper towel. Spray the product on the surface and allowe it to dry. Do not rub, do not wipe. After the stains and odor are removed, rinse thoroughly to make sure the dirt disappeared. In case of old stains, it is necessary to repeat all the stpes every day until the stains disappear. Clothes: spray urinefree on the stained surface. Leave for 15 minutes (or overnight – in the case of very troublesome stains). Wash as usually, without prior soaking. Urine and its residue will be removed during washing rising. NOTE: Do not spray on people and animals. Do not use as asi freshener Avoid contact with eyes, skin and open wounds. Store out of the reach of children. First aid: Skon: Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Eyes: Rinse with water fo 15 minutes. If irritation progresses, consult a physician. Ingestion: drink plently of milk. Consult a physician. Inhalation: Go out fo fresh air.  Consult a physician.

Available container: 750 ml, 5l

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